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Roof Rack and Plywood Carrier Plans

Roof Rack and Plywood Carrier Plans


Tired of wondering how you will ever get a sheet of plywood home to build a project on your list? Maybe you need to buy some living room baseboard to store in your basement and never install. Building a deck and need to get 10 foot boards home? Why rent a truck or pay for delivery when you can make this simple rack to turn any 4 door car with or without a luggage rack, into a pickup truck! 


I'll be honest. By watching the video you can probably figure this out but if you'd like detailed plans and a shopping list I'll throw in my plans for a plywood carrier to help you get that wood into your shop once you get home as a thanks for supporting my site. I priced it as low as I can to cover my merchant fees so I'm not making a killing here, I just wanted to help make it easier for you to get wood home and start building. 


Thank you for your support!


Want to watch the build video?

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