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I am a lot of things depending on who you talk to. In my day to day life I am the Assistant Fire Chief and a paramedic for my local community, father to 4 children, husband to possibly the most loving, understanding and beautiful wife and best buddy to our rescue dog Max.

In the little spare time I do have, I spend it in the shop making things for our house that hopefully you will find useful as well.

I started woodworking as an escape. Years ago I found myself in an empty apartment with 2 very young children at the end of a relationship. Feeling down about my situation I decided learning to make something with my hands would cheer me up. A trip to a big box store resulted in a 8' 1x2 of oak, a handsaw, 2 clamps and a bottle of glue. Then a second trip to the store for sandpaper when that oak decided not to cooperate in my efforts for a flat cutting board. I still use that cutting board to this day and although I still have that handsaw, my tool collection (obsession?) has grown. 

In the summer of 2019 my wife and I purchased a 100 year old house that appears to have been remodeled by children sometime in the 80's. With that came a basement I could finally set up a shop in. I am 6'2", the ceilings are 6'3". Things are a tight fit but I started with a saw on the front porch of an apartment. So I can't complain too much. 

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